Campbell Real Estate NQ was established in 1951 by the late Alex Campbell and is now owned by John Strano. We continue to sell real estate in the Innisfail district from the same original premises. Innisfail is situated just 100km south of Cairns and is separated by the beautiful Johnstone River. Just a 10 minute drive away from Etty Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Far North Queensland.The Innisfail district is supported by Sugar Cane, Bananas, Cattle, tea, exotic fruits, trawling industry and tourism.

Recent Listings

1 Sword Street, Innisfail


190 Cowley Creek Road, Cowley Creek


12/lot 12 Graham Road, Mourilyan

Under Contract

43 Etty Bay Road, Etty Bay


161 Mourilyan Road, Innisfail


0 Merchetta Rd, Pin Gin Hill


24 Riverside Cres, Innisfail Estate


10 Seymour Street, Innisfail Estate


265 New Harbourline Road, New Harbourline

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